Monday, September 7, 2009

A Summary of August

elmo live....why does a two year old love this creature so much

my sweet mother-in-law does all of our birthday cakes...

our sweet friend parker at the space jump party

hannah and wade's kids - avery and grady with ally at city bagel...boy does a lot change in 5 years....

our 2nd birthday party

breakfast at city bagel

ally loves to copy everything dad does

in the airport at the beginning of the many hours spent on planes and in airports

Things here are good....Our summer was busy....Ally, I, and Mary Grayson in belly flew to Park City for a wedding of a good friend....We had a good time but flying was an adventure....Our little cousin Anna Grace turned one....and then we had Ally's birthday party a little early in case Mary Grayson came early....We gave Ally tickets to Elmo Live for her birthday....Not what I considered the greatest 1 1/2 hours of my life.....I drug Will to the 1st Ms State game hoping Mary Grayson did not decide to arrive while we were there....We got to spend time with good friends and their kids....There is nothing better than game day at MS State (especially when we win)....I go to the doctor tommorow so we will see what Mary Grayson is doing (our official due date in September 25)...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is here I think.....

bundled up for spring

easter egg hunt

ally got a nap in while we were packing to come home from disney. (By the way we drove)

on the farm with baby cousin

we love to try on shoes - anywhere and anybody's

We got to go see Mickey and Minnie in March because Will had a conference in Orlando. It took Ally a few days to warm up to all the characters. Her favorite ride was the carousel (which Will's response was "we can do this at Miskelly's"). We had a good time. We went to the farm for a few days with our baby cousin to visit my aunt and uncle. I took Ally to an Easter egg hunt today. Needless to say we were not able to wear our sleeveless smocked outfit with the bunnies. It was sooooo cold. I went to see Beth Moore this past weekend, so Will had parent duty all alone. I am so thankful to have an amazing husband.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Holidays and the Mattern Home.....

helping mom in the kitchen

snowmen outfits donated by grandma

our favorite toy that santa brought

our newest cousin "anna grace"

I was just updating some new pics and news.....We are having another baby - our due date is the end of September....I am excited - just was not expecting double birthday parties for the rest of our lives....Christmas was fun this year....Ally actually responded appropriately to gifts and we had a new cousin this year, Anna Grace was 5 months at Christmas....Ally does not quite comprehend that Anna Grace does not want toys thrown at her....But she loves Anna Grace....Hopefully she will love one come September that does not go home....Alicia

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ally's Week on the Farm....

My Aunt and Uncle were so gracious to keep Ally while we went to Chicago...Here are a few snapshots of Ally loving the life on the farm...I think we are going to have to make this a tradition.....Thank you Jack, Cindy, Brandon, and Nana for loving Ally

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things going on in our world....

watching the usm homecoming parade

We went to the kamper park and zoo in hattiesburg and loved our train ride

ally and I went to pick pumpkins with nana

Halloween at the mattern household - ally the lobster meets her friend the lion

Game Day at Mississippi State...Ally loves Jacob Beavers, but I am not sure if Jacob loves Ally

"The day after the Chicago Marathon"

So here are a few snapshots of what has been going on in our life....I may would update more often if it did not take me 2 hours to attempt to add a post....I need a few lessons, because I I can never do it....My pictures never do what I tell them to do and I have no idea how to make all this look cute...Anyway that is what i think about we ran the chicago marathon....I am not sure what word I would I use to describe it....It was extremely hot.....Will dehydrated at 16 miles and had to walk the rest of the way....but his dehydrated walking pace was faster than my running pace....I am not even sure if my body knows I am running - I am so slow....But I got my medal and I have chosen to retire from running...Because the thing that I enjoyed the most was the friends I made along the way and I will just look for friends elsewhere....Will loved it and is not going into retirement yet....We went to a State game and USM game....I think Ally loved State more....She loved ringing the cowbell....Ally loved meeting Jacob Beavers....She is all about kissing on the first date....My nana is a trooper and went with us to pick pumpkins one day and then to the health department to get shots another day.....We LOVE my Nana....We went to the zoo and Ally loved the swing and the jaguar....We were a lobster for halloween - it was pretty humerus watching her attempt to walk with all her appendages...I am enjoying being part time....I just am having to remember that a one year old needs her naps....Sorry it got a little lengthy - I decided to include everything so I can just do it monthly...alicia